Kwanza Infrastructure Group
We are developers in
the electricity and
extractive Sectors
We focus on Investments
that align with climate change
mitigation and adaptation.
We identify untapped
market opportunities.

About Us

Kwanza Infrastructure Group is a development company focusing on investment opportunities in the energy, infrastructure and extractives sectors.

We are developers of infrastructure projects in the electricity and extractives space where we identify untapped market opportunities and greenfield projects and take the projects through the development phase to attract investment partners.

Founded in 2016, Kwanza Infrastructure Group has equity stakes in renewable energy projects under development located in Uganda. We are also focusing in the Mini Grid and High Voltage Transmission Grid (HVTG) space. We are strategically placed to become one of the pioneer developers in the HVTG space using a Private Finance Initiative approach in Africa.

We are local

We are a resolutely local entity with competitive knowledge and access to untapped opportunities which we derive by closely working with the stakeholder regulators and authorities.

We ensure risk mitigation

We ensure successful risk mitigation during the development phase of the projects.



A run-of-river small hydro power project located in Bulambuli District, Eastern Uganda, East Africa developed in partnership with responsAbility Renewable Energy Holding.

A run of river small hydro power project located in Bukwa District, Eastern Uganda, East Africa.

Bunjako Island located in Mpigi District, Central Uganda. The solar mini-grid project shall provide affordable and reliable power to 12,000 inhabitants.

The project is being developed by Winch Energy, a global off-grid energy developer.


We are in discussions with the Uganda’s sole system operator and electricity regulator to undertake development of HVTG projects using a Private Finance Initiative.

A proposed small hydro power project located in Eastern Uganda, East Africa to be developed along the rivers Emuchoni & Ngenge.


Over the years, we have formed mutually beneficial partnerships we are proud of.

Contact Us

4th & 5th Floor, Social Security House
Jinja Road, Kampala – Uganda.
E: T: +256 414 344115

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